Enjoy The Good

The biggest visions occur in a garage. There, every crazy idea can get flesh and bone with the help of just a few tools and a key component of the passion for creation.

Hookie.Co wanting to offer all the riders the space to repair their two-wheelers and embody their crazy dream, creates a garage with the motto “enjoy the good”. In a minimal unobstructed environment on Großenhainer Str. 137 of Dresden, Nico, David, Christoph and the charming Sylvia expect every designer and driver to create and regenerate together vintage models that will capture everyone’s attention at the streets.

This time they are rebuilding a BMW R100 of 1970. Equipped with m.unit blue, the latest Bluetooth technology that allows the driver to control the dynamics of his engine from his mobile makes it a charming and highly contemporary motorcycle which promises unique experiences and rides.