1957 Lancia Convertible America

The 1957 Lancia B24S Convertible America ($395k) is a testament to both meticulous craftsmanship and a rich ownership history that has seen it traverse the globe and pass through the hands of several passionate collectors.

This hisotoric car has been meticulously cared for, ensuring it remains in top condition. A recent 20-mile round trip test drive to Key Biscayne, Miami, confirmed its flawless performance, further solidifying its status as a prime example of Italian automotive artistry.

Representing a fine piece of Italian sports car history, this Lancia comes complete with a detailed history file, restoration book, and accompanying documents, tools, and jack.

The 1957 Lancia B24S Convertible America stands not only as a rare and fabulous piece of automotive history but also as a symbol of enduring passion and meticulous care by its owners.