2024 Olympic Medals on Louis Vuitton Trays

At the Paris Olympics later this summer, medals will be presented to winning athletes on a Louis Vuitton tray decorated with the French luxury house’s signature motifs.

Crafted by artisans at the Beaulieu-sur-Layon workshop in the Maine-et-Loire region, the trays’ exteriors boast the Maison’s timeless Damier canvas, created in 1888. Their interiors, meanwhile, are lined with matte black leather, a nod to the Louis Vuitton “Torches and Medals” Trunks. Each tray can hold two to six medals, all of which are designed by jeweler Chaumet.

“We wanted to contribute not just as a creative partner of the Opening Ceremony, but to be present throughout the event including the sporting part, and we found this way to be present that is very discreet and at the same time, paradoxically, very visible,” Antoine Arnault, LVMH’s head of communication, image and environment, told journalists at the Bulgari Hotel on Tuesday, via WWD. “I think the trays are beautiful and very Vuitton.”

In addition to the trays, Louis Vuitton has also created a unisex uniform for the medal bearers, which includes a polo shirt, loose pants, and a gavroche cap.

Photos Courtesy of Louis Vuitton