A custom Lada Niva by Vagabund

For the first time in its history, Vagabund which has become accustomed to the rebuild of motorcycles in recent years presented the first custom car. In particular, they took over the legendary Russian Landa Niva and made a series of major improvements. After disassembling the whole car, they removed the front bumper, replaced the rear one with a new simple design, and raised the suspensions.

Vagabund’s team also added new Dotz Pharao wheels and new tires. What stands out, however, is its new steel gray color that contrasts beautifully with its black doors, where the “Vagabund Moto” logo dominates. Although it is the first custom vehicle of the company, according to information, it will not be the last, as the company intends to proceed in the future with the reconstruction of Defender and Land Cruiser.

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