A rare masterpiece

There is no doubt that the Porsche 911 has captured a very significant share of car enthusiasts around the world. In all its years of production it has been a pioneer both in design and engineering in the sports car category. The 911 SWB, considered to be one of the purest Porsche, was produced for only one year, 1968, and it is said that only 499 cars were built to this specification. This particular 911 had only three owners, the first of which, Robert Masters, bought it on February 1, 1969 at Manhattan Auto with 2421 miles on it. Over the years and changing hands, time has left marks on it which the current owner has meticulously tended to, and the result is remarkable. It has a 1991cc six-cylinder engine that produces 130bhp and reaches a top speed of 131mph.

Photos Courtesy of Ted Gushue

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