A rising star

Just a few years after the end of the US Civil War, a veteran makes a living as a bounty hunter in the Wild West of the 1870s. Relentless with the criminals while being lenient with those falsely accused as he spares them their freedom. He also often donates his winnings to the needy. Steve McQueen – long before he became a “superstar” – playing Josh Randall – holds the lead role in the rare TV western Wanted: Dead or Alive.

It lasted three seasons (1958-1961) and consisted of 94 episodes. It was aired on CBS, produced by American Vincent Fennelly and co-produced by Four Star Television, Malcom Enterprises and CBS Productions. The series was most people’s first encounter with the future screen legend. When it first came out in 1958, television was overrun with standard Warner Brothers westerns. With a few exceptions like Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel and Maverick, all were repetitive and now forgotten. Even 43 years after his death, McQueen remains as popular as he was in his golden age.

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