Asteroid City

The sets from Asteroid City, the new film by American director Wes Anderson, will be on display in an exhibition jointly curated by 180 Studios and Universal Pictures, opening on 17 June in London. The film is set in a fictional American desert town in the 1950s and features a remarkable cast including Scarlett Johansson , Tom Hanks, Jason Schwartzman, Margot Robbie and many others. The exhibition foreshadows the dreamy atmosphere and retro aesthetic of Anderson’s new film, exploring the sets and costumes that we can already observe by watching the trailer. Visitors will even be able to dine inside the restaurant, faithfully recreated like the one in the film. The exhibition will be a true immersion experience in the asteroid city, amidst the music and colours of the film, which will accompany the audience as they await its theatrical release, scheduled for 23 June 2023.

From the trailer clips, one can, already, sense the richness of detail and the meticulous care the director has towards the setting. The colours and cinematography almost manage to distract the viewer from the plot and focus on the harmonious beauty of the shots. In short, Wes Anderson’s touch is palpable. The frantic use of symmetry and refined framing enhance a setting that borders on the surreal. So all that remains is to wait and, in the meantime, discover a few frames and catch a glimpse of the objects that will soon be on display at the London exhibition, which will be open until 8 July.

Photos: Courtesy of Pop. 87 Productions/Focus Features