Bar Basso: The first Milanese cocktail bar

It all started in 1933, when Giuseppe Basso opened the historic bar in Porta Vigentina in Milan, Italy. After World War II the bar moved to its current location on Viale Abruzzi. It remained in the possession of its founder until 1967, when he sold it to two Venetian bartenders Renato Hausamann and Mirko Stocchetto. Bar Basso is known worldwide as one of the first establishments to introduce cocktails and the term aperitivo (aperitif) internationally. Over the years many celebrities such as Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner have been present at the bar, giving it its glamour. According to “urban legend” one day one of the two owners accidentally mixed champagne with Bitter Campari and red vermouth and the result was the creation of the famous Negroni Sbagliato drink, which became the favourite cocktail of many of us. Today Bar Basso remains one of the hot spots in Milan. In the 1990s, many designers and artists such as Luigi Serafini, James Irvine and Jasper Morrison relaxed during the Salone del Mobile furniture fair. Now after so many years the tradition continues with owner Mirko Stocchetto’s son, Maurizio, keeping the aura and style unchanged by the passage of time.


Via Plinio, 39, 20020 Milano, Italy

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