Bond in motion

Spectacular scenery and about fifty original vehicles (motorcycles, cars, planes, submarines, boats, helicopters), taken from the 25 James Bond films, were gathered in one place. The “Bond in Motion” exhibition is a first for the city of Brussels, with Brussels Expo hosting this exceptional event, having started on 9 December 2022 and is expected to close on 14 May 2023. If the world’s most famous agent has succeeded in many of his missions, it is often thanks to the vehicles designed by the genius “Q”. From the early Aston Martin DB5 to the latest model, from a Lotus transformed into a submarine to motorcycles, boats and planes, “Bond in Motion” will give film fans the chance to go behind the scenes. Throughout its existence, the creativity of the teams behind the James Bond adventure has never failed. Bond in Motion is an opportunity for audiences to discover not only the vehicles but also the secrets of their construction through documents gathered for the first time.