Capri’s privacy

Bathed in the characteristic light of the Mediterranean sun and with the sea scraping the shore, the Faraglioni rocks emerge from the deep blue water like ancient giants ready to pierce the sky. With immense beauty all around, history-rich Capri, where time seems to stand still, offers a unique setting. This is the magic of Punta Tragara. In the suites and rooms of the Hotel Punta Tragara, the sun falls on the terraces and large windows and becomes one with the elegant interiors, a pleasant blend of traditional and modern, designed down to the last detail to offer guests privacy, comfort and excellent service. The hotel is literally clinging to the rock overlooking the sea. Designed by Le Corbusier as a private villa in the 1920s, the property was the headquarters of the American administration during World War II and hosted Eisenhower and Churchill. The décor and furnishings of Hotel Punta Tragara are elegant yet refreshing, with sculptures, antiques, ancient artefacts and contemporary artworks all carefully arranged. Today, it is an elegant retreat, with a distinctive character, great food, two outdoor pools and the most extraordinary sea views.


Photos Courtesy of Hotel Punta Tragara