Casa Azul

Inside Frida Kahlo’s blue house.

By Marianina Patsa

“La Casa Azul”. The blue house. Like the endless blue of the sea and the sky. Infinite like her. Frida Kahlo’s museum is located on the outskirts of Mexico and hasn’t always been a museum. It was her home. The one that housed her art, her love, her dynamic temperament and her mental and physical pain that pushed her to transcend her mortality and transformed her into “eternal”. The villa with its vivid blue façade is a typical example of traditional architecture. It was purchased by her father in 1904 and extended by her husband, Diego Rivera. The rooms are well-preserved and the objects that tell the story of her life are everywhere in such a way that you think she still lives there and will be crossing the threshold any minute. The furniture, her personal small objects, her colourful dresses, her distinctive accessories, her studio with all her painting materials… But also her wheelchair. Her bed with the mirror on the ceiling that allowed her when she was bedridden to paint through reflection. The hard orthopedic corsets she was forced to wear almost all her life. The distinctive red boot she painted herself to dress her prosthetic leg after her amputation. Many photographs and documents of her life and of course many of her paintings are all here, all telling her story so vividly as if she were whispering in your ear. The story of Frida saying “feet what do I need you for if I have wings to fly?”. A story of strength for Frida, who although she was bound by such a weak body, finally managed to fly like a bird.