Château of the knights

It was built in the 13th century and was the fortress of the knights of Chasteignier de la Roche-Posay whose roots date back to 1060. The Château des Etangs is located between the Fontaine de l’âne and the Pont du moulin, south of Paris in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, a 40-45 minute drive from the Angoulême-Cognac and Limoges-Bellegarde airports, and was undoubtedly the point connecting Limoges to Angoulême. In 1636, the castle was confiscated and bought by the de Nesmond family. In 1749, Jean de La Breuille, took over the house but as an unrepentant gambler, he squandered his fortune and in 1761 the Domaine des Etangs was again confiscated by the royal court. In 1793, at the height of the French Revolution, the knight and his son abandoned the chateau to join Conte’s army and fight against the revolutionary forces. After World War II, the estate was sold to Mr Fleury, before being bought in the 1980s by Mr Didier Primat. A lover of the beauty of nature and buildings, he embarked on a series of major projects to restore the estate to its original glory. Inside the castle, seven rooms and suites – each bearing the name of a planet – celebrate art and life. Each comfortable living space doubles as a gallery, decorated with works such as photographic compositions by Dieter Appelt, Hermès chairs and aesthetic lighting. In addition, it offers all kinds of entertainment to its guests as it features activities such as horseback riding, fishing, guided tours of the estate and group cycling.


Photos Courtesy of Château des Etangs