Distant Horizon

By Thalis Pitoulis 

“What is that feeling when you drive away from people and they drive away into the plain until you see their spots dissolve? It’s the very big world overtaking us and saying goodbye. But we look forward to the next crazy venture under the sky…” Jack Kerouac once wrote. Indeed, we do wait for this spectacular journey to special destinations, where the horizon disappears into the distance and in the quiet we are overwhelmed by images of the bright, warm colours of summer. A path through the rainforest in South America leading to the beach, a swimming pool in the garden of a pre-war house in Marrakech, to the exotic islands of the South Pacific, this journey into the endless summer is something of a personal quest.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Costa Rica

Pantelleria Island

Marataizes, Brazil

Bali, Indonesia

Tulum, Mexico

Photos Courtesy of Unsplash