Elegant light in Brazil

Having as its architectural and decorative philosophy natural materials such as wood, stone and granite, the Brazilian company MF Arquitetos highlights as its construction epitome, “Casa Q04L63”, a country house unlike any other. Located in Rifaina, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, the house belongs to a family of five who come for weekend getaways and vacations. Embracing modernism, horizontal design lines are a hallmark of the house – with the wood-clad walls and ceiling, the elongated kitchen countertop and linear pool covered by a horizontal grey stone wall.

Its distinctive aesthetic was achieved through a palette of materials that blended seamlessly: Egyptian marble floors, bathroom and countertop surfaces made of black slate and rusty granite, and concrete slabs and stones covering the pool area. “All these compositions, combined with a simple and functional volumetric, provide an experience of comfort and elegance for all guests,” say the makers of MF Arquitetos.

Photos Courtesy of Filipe Araujo