Βυ Yvoni Serpieri

At a time when many people are once again looking for a freer interpretation of the modern lifestyle, a cult -now- shiny aluminium object, designed almost a century ago, reminds us that the answer is probably already out there. The Airstream caravan has become synonymous with the feeling of freely navigating anywhere you want, without worrying about where you’ll sleep at night. The open American highways and the vastness of the landscape contributed to this. It really is a unique feeling that those who travel inland in the US experience. Over the decades, many have chosen the Airstream as their permanent home and placed it on a fixed base on the ground. Be that as it may, when Wally Byam unveiled it in the late 1920s, he was unaware that he was designing a mythical vehicle that was associated with long-distance travel and that timelessly emanates an aura of freedom.

Photos Courtesy of, Unsplash



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