Get Carter

It was in 1971 when Michael Klinger (producer) and Mike Hodges (director) released the first true-to-his-genre violent crime movie in the UK. Starring Michael Caine and based on Ted Lewis’ novel “Jack’s Return Home”, the film “Get Carter” shook Britain hard. Till then, all crime movies produced in the United Kingdom were quite reserved. Get Carter is about a London-based gangster (Caine) who comes back to his folks in Newcastle to attend his brother funeral. There he investigates the cause of his brother’s death, full of vengeance. In this hard-boiled crime movie, Caine dominates, letting his true talents take over. Fact is that Michael Caine brought in his movie character everything he learned from his underground acquaintances. Intensive research also took place by Klinger and Hodges. Tarantino and Guy Richie have been greatly influenced by Get Carter and Total Film magazine has tagged the movie as one of the best British films of all time.

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