Harmony landscape

In Bahia, Brazil, there is a small cove, which is partly surrounded by a lush forest and on it is the Barracuda Hotel & Villas. This secluded retreat is a destination to get away from it all in the true sense, combining images of the region’s traditions and the raw beauty of Itacaré with sustainability. In this serene environment, time moves at a more relaxed pace. Guests are able to enjoy the sea or forest views from their suite or villa. Luxurious touches are not absent from the grounds and the focal point of the hotel is the infinity pool, with elegant loungers around the perimeter looking out to the ocean. Although the Barracuda Hotel & Villas seems secluded, it’s close enough to the local towns to get a taste of Bahia life. Community initiatives – from the Capoeira Quilombola Club to surfing programs – offer locals an unforgettable experience. Find out more by asking the hotel to arrange authentic experiences, courtesy of Paulo and his team – affectionately called the “tribe”. It can be jeep rides in the wild forest, surfing lessons, kayaking trips, fishing or adventures to discover the secret spots of Itacaré.


Photos Courtesy of Barracuda Hotel & Villas