Le Grotte di Sant’ Antonio

Legend has it that monks seeking enlightenment and tranquility dwelt in these interconnected caves carved into the Amalfi rock. The hotel and wellness center “Le Grotte di Sant’Antonio” reuses the existing architecture and takes on the character of its ancient serenity, offering the visitor a unique experience.

The hotel is surrounded by the colors of the Gola della Rossa and the Frasassi Park. Established in 1979 by the Bardella family, the restaurant is the real heart of the resort. Today chefs Alessandro and Luca, together with owner Luciano, still follow the same philosophy, preparing delicious authentic dishes using genuine local products.

In 2002 the hotel was built – stylish and awarded for its environmental policies, in 2010 it enters the 4-star classification and, with the new “Ile Spa” wellness center, brings a touch of magic to every stay.