Lefteri’s Lazarou Recipes

by Lefteris Lazarou

The most awarded chef of Greek gastronomy, Lefteris Lazarou, leads us to a delicious summer recipe for filleted fish kolios in the oven with fennel and fennel salad. Let’s make it!


300 gr. kolios fillet
50 gr. virgin olive oil
1 gr. dry tarragon
10 gr. lemon juice
10 gr. fresh chopped fennel
100 gr. unsalted vegetable broth
15 gr. Florin pepper cut into small squares
5 gr. salt
5 gr. minced garlic

for the fennel salad

100 gr. fennel cut on a mandoline into thin slices
2 gr. lime zest
2 gr. salt
20 gr. Virgin olive oil
30 gr. pomegranate
10 gr. lemon juice
100 gr. Orange juice
5 gr. fresh chopped fennel



A few sprouts or any edible leaf we have for garnish.
A few drops of virgin olive oil.

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