Lionheart sailing

A fundamental principle of the modern J class rule is the design of a boat’s hull, which must be based on one of the original 18 J class designs of the 1930s, from the design patterns of L. Francis Herreshoff, Frank C Paine, Charles Nicholson, the American design duo W Starling Burgess and Olin Stephens and the Swede Tore Holm. While the use of modern materials and new design technology is permitted in J-class replicas, strict rules on hull shape are always applied. They therefore refer externally to the glorious yachts of another era but the technical requirements of construction are equally maintained. One such case is Lionheart, which was built in aluminium and launched in July 2010. With an overall length of 43.4 metres, Lionheart successfully combines comfort and excellent looks with breathtaking sailing.

Photos Courtesy of Boat International

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