Lisbon Palaces

Situated next to the Fernandina wall, at a certain point in history the area around Rua das Portas de Santo Antão was dotted with noble palaces. To the north is the 18th-century Palácio da Anunciada and to the south the 19th-century Prédio Nobre. The intervention aimed to create a five-star hotel unit with a capacity for 83 rooms under the premise of maintaining and restoring all the emblematic spaces of architectural value, such as the lobby, the grand staircase, the four noble rooms, and the main façades of both buildings.

The Prédio Nobre, which was a single-family dwelling of Pombaline character, despite being in a reasonable state of conservation, was adapted to the requirements of the hotel. The resultant set is enhanced by two gardens: an upper one of a more private nature for the enjoyment of hotel guests; and a central one that functions as a garden open to the public, with a restaurant and outdoor dining area.

The Spa is found under the upper garden through the vaulted gallery of the old Casa de Fresco, while on the ground floor there is a lounge bar under the central garden connecting both buildings with a direct connection through Rua Portas de Santo Antão. In this same garden we can see the Dragon Tree, an ancient specimen that enhances the relationship between the garden and the experience of the hotel and the city.

Each space was developed as a unique element, with the historical legacy preserved as much as possible as a matter of principle. The solutions applied not only optimised the hotel as a whole, but enhanced durability and simplified maintenance needs.

Photos by Francisco Nogueira