Martijn Doolaard: One year on a bike

By Marianina Patsa

What is life when someone decides to leave the house on a bicycle, with the only plan simply to ride east? On 16 April 2015, Martijn Doolaard sets out on a journey of a lifetime: Amsterdam-Singapore by bike. His exciting adventure covers over 17,000 kilometres through deserts, highlands, modern cities and the most remote areas imaginable. He carries a camera with him with which he records the details of his journey and shares them on social media.

“I am grateful to have had so many people follow my journey so closely. I really needed the support on social media, I’ve been through some tough times. The fact that I shared all these wonderful experiences with people from all over the world really adds another dimension to the journey,” says Martijn Doolaard and to share his images with even more people, he is now releasing a book containing his magical images, but also instructions, such as the necessary equipment, in case someone gets inspired and wants to draw their own cycling route on the map. The trip was self-funded because he wanted it to be done on his own terms. So his book, One Year on a Bike, was printed through a kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, again on his own terms. The terms of a true traveller on two wheels.

Photos Courtesy of Gestalten