Namibia’s ambience

The word safari brings to mind the image of wild landscapes and exploration in Africa with this remaining a desire for all. Zannier Hotels Sonop effortlessly captures this old charm with the simple yet luxurious resort consisting of tents in terms of accommodation. The 10 spacious tents are built on boulders, reflecting the life of the wealthy explorers of the past. Furnished with antiques, colourful carpets and wood, these luxurious accommodations have the feel of another era. Panoramic views look out over eerie desert landscapes, while telescopes within the tent invite dreamy stargazing moments in the southeastern corner of Namibia. While the amenities of the accommodation are evident, the real attraction comes from the amazing location and wildlife. The 13,800-acre area is home to leopards, hyenas, jackals and more. Exploration can be done in the comfort of a hunting vehicle, on horseback or on foot. The friendly staff is always willing to arrange hot air balloon tours, mountain bike rides and nature dinners.

Photos Courtesy of Zannier Hotels Sonop