The Ipcress file

Amazing depiction of the 60s era, stylized of course but with a carte-postale aesthetic, the mini TV series of the British ITV, “The Ipcress file”, something like an extended remake of the classic movie with Michael Caine, takes us to the world of spies at the epoch of the Cold War between the West and the Soviet Union. The story unfolds when convicted smuggler Harry Palmer accepts an offer from the small but influential Whitehall counterintelligence unit, WOOC. In exchange for his release, he must engage in a dangerous quest for a kidnapped nuclear scientist, in a deadly game over time to prevent a global conspiracy. The search will lead him to different parts of the world where no one is what he seems at first and where cheating the opponent is what is sought. A well-crafted script and cast, the plot with escalating intensity, keeps the interest until the end.

The protagonist Joe Cole, although at first he does not inspire us, in the process he manages to convince us with his cool-distant style. The image and the looks are won by Lucy Boynton, with amazing absolutely 60s cult, stylistic appearances. Tom Hollander, epitome of the British phlegmatic sarcastic gentleman, adds his acting weight next to the younger protagonists. The graphic effects of the titles refer directly to those of the 60s era with the vintage feeling to set the tone. Written by John Hodge and directed by James Watkins, the series is based on the 1962 novel by Len Deighton. IPCRESS is an acronym, which stands for Induction of Psycho-neuroses by Conditioned Reflex under Stress.