Retro inspired

Simplicity and sustainability in the mode of transport. Vintage design lines and remarkable on- and off-road performance. Elements that have contributed to the creation of Vallkree electric bikes and express each model from a wide range. From the lightweight steel frame and powerful motor, to the quality of the seats and handlebar grips, the attention to detail is distinctive. In 2013, and with the aim of avoiding the heavy traffic of Byron Bay, the company’s makers built the first bike, looking to ride down to the city’s seafront bay. Vallkree Electric Bikes are Australia’s original electric cruisers, offering a unique sense of freedom. Considering the prevailing trend in recent years for environmentally conscious travel, Vallkree is expected to be even more successful. Whether it’s its best-selling “Drifter”, the unique “Spirit Horse” with a harness or the Bodhi Surf Bike with its built-in surfboard rack, its models fully reflect the company’s motto: “Live free, travel easy”.

Photos Courtesy of Vallkree Electric Bikes