Scram Africa 2023

We have all read stories of pioneers who explored the unknown, crossing deserts, mountains and oceans at a time when resources, security and communications were scarce and often non-existent. Nowadays, in an increasingly virtual and globalised world, it is difficult, if not impossible, to live an adventure as those adventurers did, but we can recreate that spirit. For the past 11 years, Scram Africa has been a benchmark in the world of adventure for scramblers and custom bikes, where participants feel like true explorers. Like last year’s race, this year the organisers, wanting to “open up” the range of entries, are inviting 4×4 vehicles and sidecars. The event will open on 11 September and will end on 22 September, starting in Barcelona, where participants will travel by boat to the Moroccan city of Nador. From there they will head to Saidia where the starting signal will be given with the course – over 300km – in the desert consisting of difficult passages. Taking into account both the weather variations between day and night and the outdoor living in tents, it is certain that the race will require experience, endurance and hard will. However, according to the information received so far, there are only a few places left, despite the high price to be paid by the contestants.

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