Senato experience

For over a century, this building was the private home of the Ranza family: four generations of entrepreneurs. Now this residence opens its doors as a boutique hotel with uniquely Milanese hospitality. Its 43 rooms welcome guests in a quiet, elegant setting.

The central court in the lobby is dominated by a stunningly placid expanse of water, a peaceful oasis to behold, as if the Naviglio Grande once again flowed in the open air in front of the building, as it once did in days gone by. The reception area is a triumph of light thanks to the meticulously handcrafted wall lamps in the shape of Ginkgo Biloba.

The combination of marble, wood, and brass in the furnishings, masterfully created by Italian craftsmen, instantly conveys a striking duality between tradition and innovation. Every piece – every armchair and table – is unique, each designed by architect Alessandro Bianchi who arranged and designed the hotel down to the smallest detail.

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