Shelby’s spirit

More than five decades ago, when American engineer and racing driver Carroll Shelby experimented by fitting a Ford 260 V-8 engine into an AC Ace, who would have imagined that the birth of the Cobra 427 would leave an indelible mark on automotive history. Arguably there are few cars in the world like the Shelby Cobra as it is considered a model that defined an era of performance and continues to be as beloved and popular even in this day and age. It offers exceptional performance even by today’s standards, enviable design lines and, most importantly, the Shelby Cobra appeals to a pure, instinctive sense of driving pleasure that will always be timeless. For a body that perfectly embodies the definition of human-centric driving, it’s unfortunate that it’s so hard to find. However, its rarity makes it a “piece” that is even more collectible and desirable than others of its era. The Shelby Cobra has a look that is recognizable almost anywhere and resonance of a classic roadster car with timeless proportions that is hard not to love.

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