Shift towards heritage styles

A welcoming space for colorful expression of men’s style is undoubtedly Pitti Uomo. Traditionally associated with couture and classic menswear, it is more of a trade fair than a fashion week. But this year at its 103rd edition, in Florence, Italy, a big change was evident, with the street looks a stark contrast to previous editions. The most notable trend on the streets of the iconic Italian city in January 2023 was the relative absence of bold bursts of colour. The pandemic must have played its part, along with the ongoing war events that are undoubtedly still affecting our moods and lives. There were, of course, occasional appearances with strong features as well as accessories such as yellow and purple sweaters, blue and red coats, but, on the whole, the softer tones of brown, grey, navy blue and olive green were the dominant colour palette, on the stands, in the squares inside and outside the exhibition. A fact which confirms the shift recorded in recent years in the fashion world, and at Pitti, first towards more traditional styles and then towards more streetwear adjacent styles.