Sportec SUB1000 Porsche

In the world of automotive excellence, Sportec has outdone itself with the creation of the SUB1000 series. Every aspect of the SUB1000, from its chassis to the last nut and bolt, is meticulously built from the ground up to offer the ultimate racing experience on asphalt.

The SUB1000 exudes Sportec’s deep-rooted motorsport heritage. The concentrated knowledge of motorsport, tuning, and engineering is evident in every detail of this ultimate driving machine. Starting from a bare bodyshell, Sportec ensures a new car feel with vastly improved components, integrating modern advancements without losing the classic essence.

This car is a perfect embodiment of  Sportec’s expertise from Porsche Classic and motorsport, resulting in a car that is fast, light, direct, and extravagantly constructed.

The interior design prioritizes the driver’s needs, with sporty carbon leather seats and a meticulously organized cockpit that highlights purist elegance. Controls are intuitively placed, ensuring they are exactly where the driver expects them.

The increased track width allows for a snug wheel and tyre combination, delivering more grip and higher speeds. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every drive in the SUB1000 is an unforgettable experience, combining the classic charm of a bygone era with the cutting-edge technology of today.

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