Street legal beauty

Also known as the Porsche 906, the Carrera Six is one of the brand’s most beloved racing cars. This car was delivered new on 23 March 1966 to Japanese driver Shintaro Taki. Over the years, it was driven by several notable drivers, including Kenjiro Tanaka, Mashiro Hasemi and Peter Bellamy, winning numerous victories in the 1967 and 1969 Suzuka 1000km and 1969 Suzuka 1000km races as well as the 1968 Suzuka 500km. In the early 1990s Porsche itself undertook a full restoration, during which it was revealed that the original 2 litre engine had at some point been converted to a 2.5 litre, a change the factory was unwilling to reconfigure. A superbly preserved racing model that carries an important history, it would make a rare addition to any Porsche enthusiast’s collection.

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