Handmade in Naples

Known as “the king of leather jackets”, Alfredo Rifugio has over fifty years of experience in the world of tailoring. Rifugio’s jackets are unlike any other – his own garments are all handmade and stand out among industrially made garments.

Starting at the age of thirteen, Alfredo spent years learning his craft and later started his own personalized tailoring shop. Since then, everything has been made in Italy to the highest standards imaginable. As the brand description says: “A Rifugio fabric cannot be called an industrial product, but a handmade work of art”. Impressively, each jacket can contain over 1,800 stitches, proving just how superior a piece of Rifugio is to an ordinary leather jacket. As with some other masters of tailoring, Alfredo Rifugio produces a product that can easily be called a “guarantee”: a piece that will age gracefully, surprise with its comfort and leave no room for replacement.

Photos Courtesy of www.alfredorifugio.com