The sound of summer

It has undoubtedly had its own legend since the 1960s. The reason is the beach buggy, synonymous with holidays and carefree living. A typical example is the Meyers Manx, suitable for dunes, developed by Bruce Meyers. Their construction was based on fibreglass materials and components of the also legendary VW beetle. This 1970 model was built just a year before the company closed. It is equipped with classic steel wheels and chrome rims, small front and rear chrome guards and a thick roll bar. The four-cylinder VW flat-4 engine is powered by two Weber Downdraft carburetors . The interior has seating for 4, with two-tone white and orange seats, wood steering wheel.

In his early life Bruce Meyers attended art school before finding his way to the aircraft carrier USS Bunker Hill as a gunner during World War II. He was drawn to the naval life and after the war found himself building fiberglass boats in California. Today collectors are increasingly interested in original Manx buggies. Although around 5,000 were built, many have been destroyed and those that survive are highly sought after.


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