Tuscany’s storied Villa Capponi

A hilltop estate in Tuscany that once housed Italian poet Dante Alighieri has been revitalized as a residence, housing 14 different apartments. Located in Sesto Fiorentino – a 15-minute drive from central Florence. According to the story, the legendary poet took refuge in the former medieval castle when he was exiled from Florence. In the 16th century, the castle was replaced by Villa Capponi, which took its name from the homonymous political dynasty that lived there in the early 17th century. This family completely remodeled the castle, introducing toner facades, murals, and busts throughout the 25 acres.

All these historical elements were carefully reconstructed, with each apartment including two or three apartments. On the property, you will also find Villa Resident’s Club, a communal area for owners that stands out for the 18th-century touches that surround it. Prospective owners will have the opportunity to explore the English and Italian gardens, use the tennis courts or spend time relaxing in the spa. They will also be able to enjoy products produced from the estate’s vineyards, olive groves, and gardens.