Watch stories

Every watch tells a story…it may sound like an old cliché, but in the book “A Man And His Watch”, author Matt Hranek proves that when this is true, the results are something special. Talking to people with different careers and different tastes in watches, the author introduces us to an artist who has worn the same digital watch for 20 years, a racing driver with a small collection of trophy watches from his storied career, and a chef whose prized timepiece was a special anniversary gift. What connects all of these men is that the watch they put on their wrist each day has enormous personal significance and is a small totem of who they are, where they have been and where they hope to go. Through the stories of the watches – and with photographer Stephen Lewis’ big, beautiful images – we get small, insightful biographies of the characters who own them. If you’re someone who is as interested in the origins of a watch as you are in the caliber number, this is the book for you.


Photos Courtesy of Hintsdeco Books


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