When jungle meets the sea

Connected via a labyrinth of handmade wooden walkways, the numerous private villas are barely discernible from the jungle, while the main hotel building is absorbed by the tropical plants. Built with great expertise and respect for nature, Azulik grows in harmony with the tropical vegetation. Tulum was formerly a small fishing village in Mexico and today it has become a magical spot that attracts travelers from all over the world who seek to access nature and ancient Mayan wisdom. The town has been modernised in recent years and the central strip that runs through it is now bustling with excellent restaurants and popular bars without losing its bohemian charm. The soundtrack of crashing waves and birds chirping becomes even more atmospheric at night, when the hotel is lit almost entirely by candlelight as all the rooms are made of wood and have no electricity, TV or air conditioning. The absence of electric lighting is out of respect for the 4 species of turtles that breed on the beach from May to October. The originality of sleeping by candlelight and waking up to the sunrise is certainly an experience to remember. With an emphasis on Mayan wellness, Azulik’s spa offers a range of specially designed treatments inspired by the five elements: water, earth, wind, fire and sky. Daily activities range from Mayan rituals to meditation classes, while morning yoga is the perfect way to start the day in harmony.

Photos Courtesy of Azulik