Winter Water Wolf

In 1998 the British Armed Forces decided to build a custom-made vehicle that could cope with extreme climatic conditions (down to -46ºC), and could easily cross rivers up to 1.5 metres deep. Its main job would be one: to be able to travel the distance from the shoreline to the landing craft at sea and vice versa. The reason for this was the Land Rover Winter Water Wolf. More than twenty years later its rarity today is immense, with reportedly fewer than 50 examples of it having been built, leaving one of the world’s rarest Land Rover collections, the Dunsfold Land Rover Heritage Collection, with none.

A typical example is the fact that the last owner of the car you see above bought it directly from the British Ministry of Defence. After being used on a daily basis for a short period of time, it went into the workshop to be fully restored. The resulting result was stunning and included a fresh green ‘army’ look, straight panels and original original original details such as the military tow bar and spare wheel on the side, providing an air of renewal to the already wild look. Inside, you’ll find a modern and complete first aid kit and heated seats. Under the bonnet, a 300 Tdi engine replaced the five-cylinder Td5 diesel engine that most Land Rovers had until 1999, as it was not compatible with the car’s character which included amphibious operation. Recently, it passed into the garage of a new collector, with a price tag approaching $45k.