Editor’s Letter – “Your attitude determines your altitude”

The image of some famous people has been cherished by many.

Mimetism and fashion followers in the first series. At the altar of the image, servants are the image makers, stylists, media that project it, photographers who store it.

A few people care about the behavior of these famous people. Many times their rudeness is interpreted as “divination”. Rudeness is only rudeness. Lack of education is obvious.

Elegance is something that is inherent in our childhood through performances and education. I can not take as elegant an extremely welldressed man who does not have the right ways to behave.

I remember a unique night of elegance at the Vienna Opera House. The grand building in the center of the Austrian capital predisposes you along with the well-dressed guests for a great aesthetic night.

Behavior and courtesy when going to the foyer impresses.

At the end of the night I will not forget a young couple, apparently not very wealthy, to give the last
money they had to their fellow citizens in need.

The epitome of elegance.

“Your attitude determines your altitude”