An artisanal workshop

Their love and passion fueled the strength they needed to dedicate themselves to the art of traditional shoe making. André and Renée Aubercy founded their eponymous brand in 1935 at 34 rue Vivienne near the Bourse of Paris. Their vision was to offer a shoe of exceptional quality. With the help and friendship of restaurateur Arturo Lopez Willshaw, André Aubercy was able to meet the most famous boot maker in Europe. The unique Aubercy style was born, combining the ruggedness of English shoes with the clever craftsmanship of Italian influence, while adding a touch of culture, daring and artistic sensibility of French style. The result is a handmade shoe made in an artisanal family workshop with amazing work on the leather, but most importantly providing a human dimension through the craftsman’s skill, perpetuating the beauty of the handmade. The tradition continued with Odette and Philippe Aubercy, followed by their son Xavier. They strive to perpetuate the legacy of family values and offer pleasure to connoisseurs around the world. As the last independent house in Paris, Aubercy was recognized as an “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”. This is a French government recognition mark, put in place to reward French businesses for the excellence of their traditional and industrial know-how.

Photos Courtesy of Aubercy Paris

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