Avedon 100 at Gagosian

Marking the 100th anniversary of Richard Avedon’s birth, the Gagosian Gallery presents a landmark exhibition celebrating the American photographer’s long career. The collection of Avedon’s photographs, launched on May 4 in New York, was selected by more than 150 people – including distinguished artists, designers, musicians, writers and representatives of the world of fashion – who elaborate the impact of the photographer’s work on our days. The exhibition documents Avedon’s lasting influence on photography and visual culture. In an installation designed by Stefan Beckman, Avedon 100 represents six decades of his work, including his ‘In the American West’ series as well as classic portraits, advertising and fashion works. The photographs are presented in an indefinite chronological order, but with special attention to the alternating visual rhythm, showing how the artist broke down the boundaries between photographic genres and stereotypes. In a digital world, his work is a testament to the power of cinematography. Among the many notable works on display is Avedon’s rarely exhibited multi-image mural of ‘dancer’ Marilyn Monroe, created in 1957. The gallery is located on West 21st Street in New York and predictably, it still draws crowds, with its curtain to fall on July 7.

Artwork _ The Richard Avedon Foundation / Photo by Rob McKeever