Built for the wild

What started as an idea in 2015 between Kevin Molick and his wife Paula, has now grown into one of the leading brands in the world of Teardrop Trailers. The couple discussed their desire to get back to free camping and travel to Colorado and neighboring states, but wanted to escape the cold and hassle of a tent. Large trailers or motorhomes just weren’t their style and after some searching, Kevin discovered the teardrop trailer and was immediately intrigued. The aesthetic is undeniably mid-century, with comfort not overlooked. At the back it has a small kitchen with a tap, storage areas and is also very lightweight when moving which means a large capacity car is not required. In addition to the models offered by Timberleaf Trailers, customers are able to customize their order depending on their preferences and the features they want the trailer to have.

Photos Courtesy of Timberleaf Trailers


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