Coolness defies Definition

“Coolness” – On the one hand, today it is translated as a meaningless fashion word, on the other hand it denotes self-confidence, a modern attitude of life and behaviour with revolutionary roots against stereotypical perceptions. But what does the word “Cool” actually mean and what does “being cool” imply? How does “coolness” become tangible? What makes “coolness” so appealing?

The author of the book “Coolness”, Michael Köckritz, who originally worked as a freelance photographer and editor, created Red Indians Publications in 2010, publishing a series of magazines, gets to the bottom of these questions with a holistic view. He researches and synthesizes history and stories, talks to experts about background and evolution, characteristics and criteria, and identifies the images and personalities that so strikingly shape the contemporary image of “coolness”.

World-renowned singers, actors, cars and gadgets convey their words and history through a special photographic material that is presented in the book, which is expected to be released on May 24 by teNeues Books. The result is an entertainingly stimulating as well as creative journey of discovery, approaching aspects of the timelessly sought-after term. This precise look at the concepts of cool and coolness becomes a striking memoir of “attitude”, sustained in time by the denial of urban norms and nonconformity, while simultaneously charming through a distinctly aesthetic gaze.

Photos Courtesy of teNeues


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