Creativity is anti-aging | 20 years are not enough

Life is a journey.
We don’t know anything about this journey and we need luck to do it.
When I was young I lost my father and I understood that I had to fight.
I’ve got nothing but values and that was the most important.
In my 30s I started my advertising agency McVictor & Hamilton against what many people told me and now in my 50s I feel more creative than before.
Somebody told me recently (with love) that I’m too old to put my pictures on Instagram.
Love sometimes is just a slogan.
I want to thank the people that really love me.
Stella, Nicole, Nena, Elina, Ismini, Christina, Maria, Antoine, Alina,
and off course Aristidis, Ilias, Iosif, Apostolos, Thanos, Christos, Stefanos, Argyris.
Without my people I couldn’t make it.
7.300 days & nights or 20 years of creativity and the best is yet to come starting with a great party.
I feel so blessed.
Creativity is anti-aging.

Ps. I want to thank from the bottom of my heart, all the people that trusted us these 20 years of passion with values creativity & mistakes.


Thalis Pitoulis 

Mancode Founder