Deep green landscape

In Bahia, Brazil, there is a small cove, which is partly surrounded by the lush Atlantic forest. In this cove is the Barracuda Hotel & Villas, a secluded retreat with all the suites and amenities making it a destination to literally get away from it all. With sustainability at the soul of the resort, it introduces guests to the raw beauty of the Itacaré region. In this serene setting, time moves differently with breathtaking views of the sea or forest from your suite or villa. The focal point of the hotel is the infinity pool, with elegant deck chairs facing the ocean. Although the Barracuda Hotel & Villas seems secluded, it’s close enough to local towns to get a taste of Bahamian life. In addition, guests are offered programs of tours and activities such as jeep rides in the forest, surfing lessons, kayak tours, fishing or adventures to discover the secret spots of Itacaré.

Photos Courtesy of Barracuda Hotel & Villas