Delights of Marrakech

An old Moroccan proverb says: “For the sake of a rose, the gardener becomes a servant to a thousand thorns”. In this country of the Maghreb, of north-west Africa, with its mystical aura, we find in Marrakech, the Royal Mansour, a hotel in which the Moorish architecture of Portugal and Spanish influences, interwoven with classical forms, coexist in harmony. Inside, there is a strong diversity, proof of the craftsmanship of the country’s artisans, with lace ceilings ,floors and walls with bright characteristic colours. The hotel has an intricate series of underground tunnels in each of the 53 Riads (suites), accessible only by staff, ensuring total privacy and discretion. On the first floor of the main building, the aficionado traveller enjoys a Cuban cigar in the Cigar Bar. Relaxing on the dandy-style sofa, accompanied by a premium spirit, he chooses from a wide selection of famous cigar brands, in the humidor with its handmade wood details and pearl-encrusted trim.

Info: Royal Mansour Marrakech A Rue Abou Abbas el sebti Marrakesh 40000, Morocco + +212 52980-8080,

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