Denim statement

Dennis Hopper, Paul Newman, Marvin Gaye. What did these celebrities have in common? They honored the denim shirt with a particular aesthetic. A classic garment that adapts comfortably to seasons and occasions and exudes confidence, solving every sartorial dilemma. For example, a casual-chic option, paired with a linen jacket with a denim shirt, where it can stand up to a more formal event. In a simpler version a white T-Shirt, with white or khaki militer pants, with a denim shirt remains a firm preference. Speaking of an outfit that deserves a place in your wardrobe, we do not forget that the contrasts it offers cover a wide range. For a sophisticated look, pair it with a suit and suede footwear. The classic blue denim shirt goes perfectly with colours like white, off-white or contrasting with warm colours like brown or cool colours like grey and charcoal. The denim shirt can also add a casual touch especially when paired with a pair of chinos. For a more relaxed, off-duty look, pair it with your favorite pair of shorts but a lightly faded black denim shirt with or without pockets would go perfectly with black pants.

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