Design for modern adventurers

The Land Ark Travel Trailer is the latest innovation from the creators of the renowned Drake and Draper tiny houses. This is their smallest towable home, combining lightweight design with hyper-functionality for ultimate freedom.

Built on a custom chassis with independent axle-less suspensions, the Land Ark Travel Trailer ensures a smooth ride to any remote location. It features self-sufficient electrical, water, and waste systems, allowing for off-grid living.

Inside, the trailer boasts multiple sitting areas, transforming work and sleep spaces, and a bathroom that expands as needed. Clever built-ins and ample storage maximize the compact space. The fold-down deck extends the living area outdoors, providing a perfect spot to relax in nature.

Sleeping arrangements include a queen Murphy bed, a twin convertible sofa, and a twin deployable bunk, accommodating up to four people.

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