Electric routes

Without a doubt, in recent years a timeless means of transport such as the bicycle has acquired a dimension of modernization as the technology of the time has “endowed” it with electricity. Widespread and in great demand, it has become a global trend.

For all the classic two-wheeler enthusiasts, but who want an assist for their rides, the American company Vintage Electric Bikes, manufactures bikes “just like the old days”. Their latest series released, codenamed 72 Volt, consists of The Shelby ($7429), The Scrambler ($6995) and The Roadster ($6995). Vintage Electric 72 Volt Bikes are bursting with vintage vibes and offer the rider the ability to go fast thanks to the powerful motor.

With 4000 watts of motive power, a top speed of 64km/h and a charging time of just 3 hours, the company is leading the way in delivering performance and distinctive design to customers. In addition, the manufacturers have minimized the driving noise and ensured that the range until the next charge is 75 miles. Anyone who decides to go ahead with such a purchase should know that the bike is assembled entirely by the Vintage Electric Bikes team in Santa Clara, California and then delivered to the customer’s designated location.