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Volkswagen Type 2 Westfalia. Arguably the most recognisable Camper Van that has had a great career as a means of travel and escape. They provided an inexpensive way for people, especially young people, to embark on adventures often for weeks or even months at a time. Of all the companies that specialised in modifying VW Type 2s into equipped Camper Vans, the most popular was Westfalia, which took its name from the region of Westphalia in western Germany where it was based. Starting in 1951, Westfalia began modifying VW vans, converting the rear end into small cabins that had all the necessary equipment for full living. The Type 2 was first released in 1949, just after the Volkswagen Beetle with which it shared many components and was quite affordable and cheap to run, which meant it became a best seller in Europe and proved equally popular in other markets around the world. This in turn led to the Van becoming almost the ‘de facto’ car of the hippy movement throughout the 1960s as they could afford it and of course could travel everywhere. Of course, it wasn’t just the hippies who took advantage of the Type 2’s features as surfers, skiers, hunters and many others with an interest in the outdoors bought them, so much so that they became an integral part of American culture.

Photos Courtesy of Silodrome



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