Illustrated Life

After graduating from the School of the Art Center of Los Angeles and then working in San Francisco, Clifford Faust set out to see the world in a Volkswagen Beetle, with a general direction of New York. Along the way he met a host of fascinating people and saw many weird and wonderful places that would eventually influence his work.

Arriving in New York for Cliff was like entering a wonderland. Whether it was the flower children frolicking in Central Park or the fashion models walking down busy 5th Avenue, Faust was “ecstatic” just watching the millions of crazy characters around him.

He also found Jack Potter, one of his idols, teaching classes at the School of Visual Arts. Through Potter’s classes, Clifford developed his original style, mixed media, collage with a papercut-based style. Faust is also influenced by Bernie Fuchs, Mark English, the French Impressionists, Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Born in Oklahoma, raised in Oregon, Clifford Faust enjoys working and living in New York. He has worked with major advertising agencies in the American metropolis and has also illustrated a number of book covers for publishers in the US and Canada.


photos: Courtesy